King Romney and the King Makers

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May 30, 2012 by Old Soul

Yesterday’s announcement that Mitt Romney has gained enough delegates to become the Republican Party nominee was reported with a detectable degree of relief and hope in the media. Relief on the left (MSNBC, ABC, CNN, etc.) that they will not have to deal with the distraction of the ‘fringe’ Paul campaign, and hope on the right (FOX) that perhaps the Paul supporters will throw their efforts behind Romney.

Both sides are due a great deal of disappointment!

The attempt to ignore Dr. Paul’s candidacy is blatant and there is both contempt and perplexity in the media regarding Ron Paul’s appeal to voters.  The media revealed their perspective with this question: Is Ron Paul electable? The question has two unproven premise; firstly, that Mitt Romney was the presumptive nominee, and secondly, that Ron Paul is too far outside the Republican, or even American mainstream to beat Barack Obama. But upon what evidence are these premises based? Upon primary results in several states despite the controversial conduct of Republican Party chairpersons and their assigns indicating fraud in the process.

In fact, some officials were caught in flagrante delicto. The conduct was so flagrant, that the process in Maine was questioned by no less a mainstream newsie as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. That said, I much prefer the affable Ms. Maddow to the meshuga Mr. Olberman. Yet and still that which I call the ‘Mischief in Maine’, has been added to by incidents in Nevada and elsewhere, establishing fraud by intent. If Romney is truly considered to be the favorite, why has cheating been conducted to secure his nomination on his behalf?

What remains to be seen is the conduct of the media and the National Republican Party as Congressman Paul and his many delegates forge ahead toward the Republican National Convention. Is Ron Paul Electable?… Yes! In an honorable system.

Humbly Submitted


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