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“Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.”

                                                       The Apostle Paul

I am a Blue Collar Guy who believes that economic and constitutional freedom creates prosperity, and conscientious capitalism is the best economic system to meet the needs and desires of mankind.

I believe that capital is more than just money. It also includes whatever property we possess through our inherent talents, through our labor, and through our intellect. I believe that all property as such, should remain free of taxation.

I believe that individuals should be able to enter into agreements to trade, exchange, barter, or sell their property without being unduly taxed on the transaction.

I believe that government should not interfere in natural, moral, or legal relationships or collaborations, as long as those relationships remain free of coercion, deceit, or any form of fraud. This especially applies to consenting adults who are free of intellectual and emotional impediments, and whose capacity to act on their own behalf has not been diminished.

Moreover, I believe that I can endure those beliefs with which I disagree without endorsing them as such. Therefore, any attempt to force upon my fellow-man my own beliefs, would be devoid of honorable intent, as he would not have received them with a clear conscience or willful consent.

I believe that our United States Constitution, although both imperfect and incomplete in its form, does nevertheless result from the transcendent ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence regarding the rights of the individual.

I further believe the Divine author of Holy Scripture having endowed those ideals through nature, and having revealed them as special revelation, does thereby inform the individual conscience. Accordingly, I believe that the rights given to man, as well as the evidence of man’s descent from his prescriptive moral endowment are manifest through the same conscience. Consequently, despite human error in matters of obedience to the divine mandate, we nevertheless retain this knowledge and remain obligated to conduct our lives and civil governance accordingly.

Therefore, I believe government should act as a facilitator, and not a hindrance in respecting the individual’s conscience in relationship to both the Divine and to his fellow man. As such, I believe that Libertarian ideals endorse rather than conflict with the authority of the Divine and his means of dealing with individuals. Moreover, since the Divine deals with men clearly through the conscience, we cannot escape the transcendent truths revealed through it, nor can we escape judgment for denial thereof.

I believe in the diminution rather than the abolition of  government. It should be limited to the extent that the Constitution ordains, and to the extent that human nature allows. Consequently, we must be extricated from government’s infringements upon our civil liberties lest our freedom be utterly extinguished.

Finally, I believe that the market place is premium for the efficacy of both competition and collaboration between entities, ideas, and beliefs and therefore should be free and open to all. Moreover, individuals should be subjected neither to the unnecessary or unjustly coercive power of government, nor the deceitful practices of corporatism. Voluntary submission to government’s proper and appointed powers and voluntary associations between individuals and corporations is necessary to both establish and maintain prosperity, order, civility, and peace to the extent that it is humanly possible.

Humbly Submitted


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